Motion Graphics & Video Production Farmers Equity Plan Video
Project Description

G3’s incentive strategy to attract business involves offering equity in the company in the form of trust units. The offer has potential for cash benefits as G3 grows more successful, but in order to get there, they needed to explain clearly how the program works and why farmers should get involved. Sherpa proposed a series of short, informational videos that would break the system down into 3 parts: what the program is, how it works, and what the benefits are.

Our designers and video editor created 3 beautiful, vividly coloured and engaging animated videos that explained each step of the program using voiceover and motion graphics. The videos are short enough to promote on social media channels like Twitter and walked viewers through each piece of information. Another challenge was targeting, as the program was only available in the Prairies and B.C. We targeted these areas when promoting the videos online so that optimal budget was available for the eligible regions.

Similar to G3’s “You Deliver, We Deliver” campaign, they really appreciated how we were able to customize who received this message. The main value, though, was how the videos made this complex program seem simple.