Print Design Farmers Equity Plan Brochure
Project Description

G3’s incentive strategy to attract business involves offering equity in the company in the form of trust units. The offer has potential for cash benefits as G3 grows more successful, but in order to get there, they needed to explain clearly how the program works and why farmers should get involved. Sherpa proposed a series of short, informational videos to answer this need, which we produced, but we supplemented this work with a mailer that would break the system down into 3 parts: what the program is, how it works, and what the benefits are.

Our copywriting was focused on making the program sound as simple as possible to incite people to participate. Design matched the same graphics in the videos to the mailer to unify the campaign. The colours are bright and cheerful, and the illustrations are clear and engaging, leading people to look at the whole thing if only because it looks so interesting. We sent the mailers to rural homes located in the region where the program was offered, and avoided sending them to urban centres where the likelihood of conversion was very low.

G3 loved having the print version to support the videos, to ensure the message reached as many people as possible. They were impressed that this little document was able to break down a complex topic and make it accessible and attractive.