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Advertising Campaigns Finishing Campaign Series
Project Description

DEKALB wanted to build awareness of individual products in their canola family by helping people understand quickly and clearly what the value of each variety is. Sherpa proposed a way to identify each product and tie them together by using the word “Finishing“ coupled with a descriptor that matched the trait of the hybrid, then promoting them to the ideal farmers for each product.

The Sherpa team worked together with DEKALB to “name” each hybrid with a suitable descriptor, like “Finishing Early” for the early-maturing 75-45 RR canola. Once each variety had been named, design drew up creative for each variety that reflected it’s key trait. When it came time to launch the campaign, we did research to make sure the varieties were being advertised in the appropriate regions, and targeted the print and digital campaigns accordingly. For example, “Finishing First” 75-45 RR was advertised in the Peace River region, where the growing conditions are highly compatible with the seed.

This, coupled with the Grower Stories project, was credited by DEKALB as a key driver in the 2.5 point market share boost they enjoyed following the campaign. The biggest compliment we received, though, was when the #FinishingFirst hashtag was brought up at Monsanto’s global meeting as an example of successful marketing tactics.