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Motion Graphics & Video Production Outsmart Your Weeds
Project Description

Glyphosate resistance in weeds is a growing problem, if you pardon the pun. With most of the United States and Eastern Canada affected, DEKALB realized they needed to take action to educate farmers on best practices to prevent glyphosate-resistant weeds from reaching crisis-level numbers. DEKALB asked us to help educate and remind farmers to use multiple modes of action, combining herbicide tank mixes and a healthy crop rotation, to reduce resistance. Since text content and images can get lost in the crowd online, Sherpa thought the most effective and engaging way to educate this audience would be to produce a short, animated educational video starring none other than a real DEKALB agronomist.

Our designers teamed up to create a video with fun and bright colours that would catch people’s eye while scrolling through a social media feed. We had Liz Simpson, the DEKALB Agronomist in Brandon, MB, record a voice-over that sounded approachable, knowledgeable and friendly. The designers then created motion graphics that helped to visually illustrate the topic as the voice-over ran, with text and graphics bringing all the information to life. Once completed, the video was published on DEKALB’s website and YouTube channel, then posted on their social media accounts.

This was an approach to this important topic that DEKALB hadn’t seen before, and they felt it was an absolute hit. The video circulated through social media and our measurements captured that most viewers actually watched the whole thing, rather than navigate away halfway through. DEKALB has called the video the “industry standard” to educate Canadian farmers about glyphosate resistance.