App Development R3 App
Project Description The ATP R3 App incorporates the latest in plant nutrition research and offers an interactive tool for Growers, Agronomists, Reps and Retails to:
  • Identify important nutrients across all stages of crop growth, whether it be seed, soil or foliar leaf development
  • Understand the role that the critical nutrients play, their critical tissue ranges, and deficiency symptoms across all growth stages
  • Identify products based on crop type and growth stage to improve plant health and crop yields
  • Understand the required rates of product application and tank mix compatibilities for both nutrient and ag chem products
  • View photos of crops across various growth stages and deficiency symptoms
  • Nutrient uptake and removal levels based on type of crop and desired yield goal
  • Crop responsiveness, absorption rates, and foliar efficiencies across a variety of cropping situations
Benefit from Nutrient Diagnostics at your fingertips, download the ATP R3 App for iPad iPhone and Android devices.