Canadian Goat Cheese

Made With Love

The primary goals of the website redevelopment were to create a responsive, image intensive website that more accurately showcases Woolwich Dairy’s brand personality. Additionally, Sherpa was tasked to organize product and recipe content in a user-friendly way to improve time-on-site and user retention.

Lastly, we were tasked with ensuring that the website was optimized for technical SEO performance. The Sherpas delivered exactly that by cooking up a website that features the following website design and functionality:

  • Large homepage header image that changes for repeat visitors
  • Segmented content pages to better organize products and recipe
  • Enhanced social sharing
  • Continuous visual scrolling functionality
  • Detailed content pages which feature organized product and recipe information
  • Customizable “You May Also Like” fields

From a content management perspective, we are thrilled with how user-friendly it is for Woolwich Dairy marketing admins to manage product and recipe information. All product and recipe information such as awards, nutritional information, servings, expected cooking time, linked products/recipes (and more) is seamlessly administered within one backend area.

In the 3 weeks since the launch of the website, Woolwich Dairy saw:
in page views
in pages per session
in bouce rate
in avg. session duration
visit the site
Website Design & UI Woolwich Website
Project Description Sherpa's naturally have a hunger for web development projects but when it comes to a website showcasing gourmet goat cheese and delicious recipes, we were particularly eager to sink our teeth into Woolwich Dairy's new website.