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Sentiment Tracking

The marketing world is abuzz with talk about Big Data.

Big Data is like teenage sex, everyone talks about it, they all want it; but few are actually doing it (never mind well).

Connecting to the internet, accessing Petabytes of data and making sense of that information is a daunting task. To do so requires big bandwidth, powerful software, hardware and competent analysts.

Sherpa has the tools and expertise to help you answer the question “What are people saying about me?” across the web. We can help you understand how you are trending – positively or negatively.

Understanding sentiment and learning how to be agile and manage online conversations is critical in a world where you (the client) have no control over what people say online about your products and services.

What you can control is your response. Sherpa can help you uncover opportunities to turn a negative into a positive.
Some clients we've helped with Sentiment Tracking