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SEO and SERP Reporting

A top three listing on Google’s (Bing or Yahoo) first page of search results is the “holy grail” of the internet (aside from a wildly successful viral video of course!). It is an elusive thing, but achieving a top three result is one of the most effective marketing tactics that exists today.

Organic search drives more high quality website traffic than any other means. The practice of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing as search engines constantly strive to improve the delivery of relevant content to their users. Furthermore, with people turning to the internet more and more to assist in buying decisions and research, SEO is more important than ever.

Your customers are using the internet to find, you. SEO makes sure that they find the right haystack and you within that stack of hay.

On-Page SEO

Sherpa uses powerful analytical tools like AWR Cloud, GTMetrix, and BuzzSumo to uncover opportunities for improvement within your content, your source code and site structure – all with a purpose - to drive results. Page content, URL structure, header tags, page titles, meta data and a number of other factors need to be optimized. Solid on-page SEO is necessary but not sufficient for ranking highly on Google search results.

Off-Page SEO

Earning valuable links and publicity is the pinnacle of search engine optimization. It’s a core strategy for consistent, long-term rankings in any industry. Here's a breakdown of the process.

First, we take a look at your brand’s overall web presence. This analysis includes looking at social media, company website, blog activity and current publicity (including awards, sponsorships, certificates and previous mentions from around the web). From here we do an initial SWOT analysis.

We then identify opportunities to add and optimize anchor text and landing pages; opportunities for improvement are unique to each business and must be done purposely and carefully, ensuring compliance with Google’s many (and ever-changing) requirements. 

Once we have a campaign plan, we begin to trend-watch and form relationships with key industry publishers and thought leaders on your behalf. We formulate content and offer value to these people in the form of infographics, expanded content and other sources of information. The key is to give first before asking for anything in return.

At Sherpa, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards when performing SEO for our clients. We ensure that only white-hat tactics are used to drive tangible and demonstrable results.

The end result: achieving valuable links and mentions from high domain authority websites that improve your SERP ranking on the most important keywords. Something that your competitors simply cannot replicate.

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