Sherpa Marketing Presents: Yeti's Room

Sherpa Marketing presents: Yeti’s Room. 

To join our team, you’ve gotta love music. On any day, walk our *spacious* 2008sq ft. office and hear a contagious blend of Bollywood, bluegrass, Grimes and hip-hop. From Robert’s go-to elevator jazz to Katie’s chillwave, our drums never get bored. 

The music enthusiasm is wonderful, but after spending hours slacking each other recently discovered music, we thought it might be easier to centralize our eclectic database of tunes. 

We asked the staff, “What’re you listening to?”—and took three selections from everyone to build our personal library. The result was so great (we’re not biased), that we decided to share. 

Introducing Sherpa Marketing’s first ever playlist: Yeti’s Room


Blast our handcrafted Fresh for April mix the next time you’re itching for new music to keep your life soundtrack exciting. It has some old-school, new-school, high-energy and nostalgic, spring-inspired songs. Hours of random selections—you never know what you’re going to get. 

Although, you can expect Drake. He always makes a casual appearance. 

Curious which songs match to each employee? Tune into Talking Shop next week where we’ll review our April selections, highlight staff tastes and chat about Branded Playlists—specifically the potential they have for established companies competing in the digital world. 

Have some music suggestions you think our team would enjoy? Let us hear it. Who knows, maybe they will pop-up on our May playlist.

Go forth and listen, friends!


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