Sherpa.McKim: Creating More For Our Clients

Sherpa.McKim: Creating More For Our Clients

Big Ideas

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November 5 2021
Big Ideas
Author: Marty Fisher

It’s been five months since Sherpa Marketing and McKim Communications Group announced the merging of our agencies, creating an integrated marketing services powerhouse.

You may not have noticed much from your point of view, but behind the scenes our teams have been busy integrating systems and processes and working collaboratively on client work. You might be asking, how this merger affects you, the client.  


In this short read, you’ll find out how the new Sherpa and McKim merger can help grow your business with the help of a Full-stack marketing team, that is truly “stacked” in your favour.


Surge Capacity and more Ideas

Working alongside the very skilled, talented and experienced marketers at McKim has propelled our work with our existing clients by not only adding more people-power behind jobs,  creating more surge capacity for those instances where a lot has to get done in a short amount of time, but also adding more creative and fresh ideas to our long-time clients as well as sharpening and expanding our processes.


Bench Strength

With the addition of McKim comes additional bench strength. We now have access to a full-time media planner, multiple copywriters, an entire strategic team and a public relations professional. Previously, these tasks were served within other roles of the Sherpa team.


Having dedicated staff for these areas has relieved pressure on our Account Managers, freeing their time to better manage accounts, it has allowed our McKim colleagues to shine in their roles as experts and our clients are gaining access to a deeper more specialized capability set.


Our creative teams have also felt the positive effects of this merger, by helping each other out on client projects and having the ability to better resource work based on timelines and bandwidth, allowing client work to be moved through the shop quicker. With new creative minds working on client work, comes new and different ideas and perspectives (along with the experience to back them up), clients can expect eyes on their work.


The combination of data science and humans to drive greater insights and ultimately the big idea has helped initiate stronger new strategies for our clients.



Combining the best of each of our processes, it’s not about saving money, but about even better work.


We’ve had the opportunity to see McKim in action in brainstorming sessions and how they strategize and approach projects. This additional perspective gives us the ability to view many angles of a project and provide the best possible strategy and solutions for our clients. Viewing the differences in our discovery process has also increased our understanding of our clients, their business, and their industries.


Analysis > Insights > Recommendations


Sherpa has been a long-time advocate for data-driven results and through that lens, we’ve developed and cultivated a team that takes an analytical approach and uses the data to make shifts and changes to campaigns and strategies as needed. McKim has brought valuable strategic viewpoints and insights to our thorough analytical process which has given our team additional perspectives to develop even more effective digital strategies.


In the coming months we’ll continue to merge every aspect of the legacy agencies together. In late November, Sherpa’s Winnipeg employees will be moving into the McKim offices located at 211 Bannatyne Avenue. Check out our social platforms for updates.


We can’t wait to see what creative magic will unfold when we get to work together, in-person in the same office!

Find out what all the fuss is about and be part of the magic

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