Sherpa's Talking Shop: Content Hubs

Sherpa's Talking Shop: Content Hubs

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June 16 2016
Big Ideas
Author: Stewart Moffatt

Watch our Talking Shop video where Myles Barr interviews our content hub expert Stew Moffatt.  Learn about what content hubs are, the benefits that come with utilizing them, and ultimately help you accomplish your business goals and improve your business.

What are Content Hubs?

Sherpa likes to think about Content Hubs as a way to bring in social media, blogs, articles, YouTube videos all into your website in a visual pleasing way.  It can be a valuable way to bring in third party content and put your own brands spin on it.

Why use a Content Hub?

Content Hubs offer many benefits to enhance your business goals.  Here are a few of the perks of using content hubs:

Calls-to-action within your hub

·     This platform allows you to embed your business goals within third party content on the hub.  A great example of applying this feature would be an ad referring the reader to your ecommerce site.  By embedding these calls-to-action it will drive traffic to the desired areas on your website.

SEO benefits

·      By using a content hub Google recognizes that you are constantly bringing in fresh content.  It will keep your website much more active.

Customers can engage with your content

·     Your customers not only can view your content but they can also share it amongst their peers on social media, email or any other platform they use.  This is a valuable way to see your customers interacting with your own original content as well as the third party content that represents your brand.

Memorialize social content

·     On every social media platform it is very easy for your content to get lost.  There are so many users on these platforms which results in your post gets pushed to the bottom of the feed.  Content hubs allows you to embed your social posts in a rotator so your audience has a chance to see your posts.  A great example of content being lost is on Twitter, your content is often at the bottom of the feed by the chance anyone gets to see it because the abundance of active users.

Memorialize content

·     Blog posts face the same challenges as social content. This content will get lost over time, so content hubs allows you to put these important blog posts on a rotator so your target audience has a chance to view this content.  Another advantage content hubs offer to blog posts are creating display ads for them.  This is a great tool because you can make any important blog post into one direct click for the reader, increasing your chance of readership.

Boosted engagement

·     The content hub allows you to use features such as embedding a vote on an article you brought in.  This is a valuable way for readers to interact with each other as well as comment on the posts.  Companies will find this is a huge way to boost the way customers interact with each other.

Add your own brand fare to the content

·     Content hubs allow you to add your own brand messaging to any third party content, this helps make the content original.  This is a great way to keep your brand messaging consistent with the content you’re sharing.

Easy back end functionality

·     The content hubs are very easy to use which is great when introducing this new software to companies.


Content hubs help drive revenue, if you are using a social or content marketing strategy this is one of the best ways to drive revenue.  Content marketing is an effective way to get the desired behaviour you are seeking from your consumer.  It is useful because it can be applied to third party content or your own original content.  The calls to action are completely customizable depending on what your business wants to accomplish. 

Design of your Content Hub

The content hub is totally customizable to your own brand creative.  You can organize your posts into collections.  These collections will filter your posts into the different themes/headings of your choice.  In our case we could setup a collection on technology and branding because both of these collections reflect our business.  Although these content hubs are created from a third party software this does not affect the design.  The content hub will act as another webpage inside your website.

Original Content

One of the most important pieces of marketing is creating your own original content.  You are the trusted brand that your consumers want to hear from.  The design of the hub allows you to feature your own content as well as use third party content to support your brand in an organized manor.  Original content takes time to curate, but it adds important value to your brand.  You won’t need to post your own content into the content hub, but it does allow you to embed a call-to-action on those third party pieces by linking them back to your own original content.

Sherpa’s Role with Content Hubs

1.       Strategy development

·     We look at what third party influencers you should be following and how to put your own brand flare into the hub.    

2.       Embed calls-to-action

·     We work on driving action through the curated content posts and make sure the posts are receiving the desired behaviour your business was targeting.

3.       Design the hub

4.       Keep content active

·     We find curated content for the hub.  Actively go through the selected influencers and search for third party content that will reflect and add value to the brand.  These content hubs have a great back end functionality for our clients, it allows them to review the content we have found and push it live to their audience.

Content hubs have been proven to be a very valuable tactic to add to a business’ marketing strategy, could they be the right fit for your company?


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