Sherpa's Talking Shop Podcast - Episode 3: Mentos, Chevy & U.S. Politics

Sherpa's Talking Shop Podcast - Episode 3: Mentos, Chevy & U.S. Politics

Big Ideas

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October 19 2016
Big Ideas
Author: Dan Nicholson, Stewart Moffatt and Corey Weir

On the third episode of Sherpa’s Talking Shop Podcast, the Sherpa team has a round table discussion on a few different topics. They discuss how video is changing the Marketing game, the collaboration between Mentos gum and Amazing Race Canada, best and worst ads and a little office fantasy football update. You get to hear insight from Sherpa’s Account Manager Stew Moffatt as he hosts the podcast alongside Brand Journalist and Junior Account Manager, Corey Weir and Digital Marketing Specialist, Producer Dan Nicholson


What’s Hot

1. Longer Video on Instagram

Those 15 second videos on Instagram were a huge hit, the only stipulation for many was the short time limit. Instagram has heard the cries for MORE TIME!!! In March 2016, Instagram stated that in six months, the time people spent watching these videos increased by more than 40 percent. ( 
Instagram’s increase the video length allows users and brands to get additional content in a single post; placing the new length at 60 seconds. This is a massive win for many brands. Video is changing the game of marketing – if a picture is worth a thousand words, what would a video be worth? Being able to explain things through video allows for more interaction and a chance for more creativity to explain what you are marketing. We’re looking forward to what brands and marketing agencies come up with.

2. Mentos and Amazing Race Canada

As talked about in the podcast, Corey Weir brought up the Mentos Gum ads that were played during the show, Amazing Race Canada. Mentos used an in-program marketing tool to try and grab the attention of viewers DURING the show. A very unique way to grab viewers’ attention as opposed to the typical in-between commercials.


Mentos ran what they called the Amazing Refresh Challenge ( The contest entailed a few questions that needed to be answered which could only be seen on that night’s episode. The answers would enter you into a contest to win 1 of 3 possible trips. It was free and all you had to do was watch the show. 


Best and Worst Ads of the Week

BEST: Mirrors


WORST: Chevrolet Truck Commercial


Sherpa’s Fantasy Football League

We have a lot of fun here at Sherpa Marketing and our Fantasy Football League is something we take very seriously. As heard in the podcast, you can hear the competition oozing from every word. Each podcast we will be updating everyone on who is on top of the leaderboards and who is not. At the time of recording the podcast, we were heading into week 4, where a battle was to take place between the two top teams. Here was Week 4’s results,​


ThIs week’s winners are 

So congratulations to them and thank you for reading and listening to Sherpa’s Talking Shop.  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to hear the latest news and don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast.


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