Sherpa's Talking Shop Podcast - Episode 5: Search Engine Marketing, Thrasher, Reddit

Sherpa's Talking Shop Podcast - Episode 5: Search Engine Marketing, Thrasher, Reddit

Big Ideas

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December 14 2016
Big Ideas
Author: Dan Nicholson

On the fifth episode of Sherpa’s Talking Shop Podcast, the Sherpa team has a discussion on a few different topics. They discuss how to get noticed online from Search Engine Marketing, Thrasher’s issue with certain celebrities wearing their brand, the best and worst ads of the week and an update on the office’s favorite game, fantasy football. You’ll hear insight from Sherpa’s Brand Journalist and Junior Account Manager, Corey Weir as he hosts the podcast alongside Account Manager Stew Moffatt and Digital Marketing Specialist, Producer Dan Nicholson





1. Search Engine Marketing

If a top three listing on a search engine, is the “Holy Grail” and elusive, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an invaluable way to supplement your organic SEO efforts. SEM is one way to ensure that your prospects and customers are exposed to your products and services. The practice of SEM encompasses a wide swath of tactics. Things like remarketing, adwords, instream and display network advertising are just a few of the tactics in our quiver. The most popular form of SEM is Google AdWords.

2. Thrasher’s issue with celebrities wearing their brand


As debated about in the podcast, Stew Moffatt brought up the article that was brought to our attention regarding the skateboard brand ‘Thrasher’. Thrasher has had an influx of celebrities like Rihanna and Justin Bieber begin wearing their clothes out in public. The CEO had an issue with that and publicly said that they don’t condone people like them to be wearing their clothes, those clothes are meant for the hardcore skaters. A brand that he helped build, he doesn’t want to see on celebrities like them. 


If you would be interested in reading the article, you can find it here

Let us know what you think about it and what your stand is on what has been said about it.



BEST: Amazon


Worst: Drake Apple commercial


We have a lot of fun here at Sherpa Marketing and our Fantasy Football League is something we take very seriously. As heard in the podcast, you can hear the competition oozing from every word. Each podcast we will be updating everyone on who is on top of the leaderboards and who is not. At the time of recording the podcast, we were heading into week 13, where team’s weeks are turning into crucial wins for teams blitzing to make a post season appearance. Here was Week 13’s results, ​



Teddy Throwsevelt (Corey)
Roger Rodgers (Marty)
Smitty’s Bungle’s (Jeff)
Whitney’s Great Team (Whitney)

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