Sherpas Talking Shop Podcast - Episode 9

Sherpas Talking Shop Podcast - Episode 9

Big Ideas

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April 27 2017
Big Ideas
Author: Stewart Moffatt

EPISODE 9: Good is the New Cool, United Airlines & Product Packaging

On the ninth episode of Sherpas Talking Shop, Stew and Mike. B kick back and chat about purpose-driven businesses practicing corporate social responsibility, United Airlines public relations disaster and the impact of product packaging on the customer-experience. 




1) Purpose-Driven Brands showing audiences that “Good is the New Cool” 

The “Good is the New Cool” mentality of brands -  those brands that stand actively take a stance on social issues and align their business on making a positive impact will be the most successful brands going forward. 

Examples for listeners to check out: 



Chance the Rapper:




Brands have the ability to shape the narrative of humanity. With people voting with their dollars Stew and Mike.B look forward to the good guys (those who actually innovate and incorporate purpose-drive marketing) winning.

2) United Airlines Public Relations Disaster

Stew and Mike. B conclude that United Airlines could have avoided their PR disaster if they did the following: 

A) Asked all passengers to leave before approaching and pleading with the passenger. This would have reduced the anxiety levels of all passengers and created a better environment for both parties to negotiate. Moreover, United Airlines would have avoided all of the video footage from fellow passengers. 

B) Continued to increase the incentive until any passenger left the plane and made room for the crew. 

3) Product Packaging

It’s important for businesses to remember that packaging is a critical part of the customer-experience. 
Brands doing a great job of this: 

Apple – The packaging illustrates sophistication


Swell – The packaging illustrates elegance. 


Mike B declares that the new subway design implies fast-food as opposed to the traditional sandwich style impression. That said, he digs the new paninis!


The Best Ad of the Week


The Worst Ad of the Week

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