Six questions you need answers to - before selecting a marketing agency

1) What role will technology have within your organization?

It’s important for you as a business leader to examine the role technology will play within your organization - before selecting a marketing agency. Leadership should understand the effect these rapidly changing products and services will have on your company’s future. Technologically driven marketing techniques are becoming the new norm. If you are a high-tech firm, ensure that your marketing practices demonstrate and support your advanced DNA. If your company requires an effective website that drives leads and sales, an agency that has a firm grasp of the best practices, hardware and software will be the right choice. If your company hopes to use technology to its advantage, an agency with search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), responsive design and application development capabilities will be necessary to engage your consumer group and create long-term, profitable customer relationships.

2) What marketing capabilities will your organization demand?

Businesses are fluid entities, they are constantly changing and evolving. As a result, your marketing needs will change over time. It’s important to select an agile agency that is capable in all areas so your needs can be fulfilled as they evolve. Whether it’s creative advice for your website or “big-picture” strategy development, working with an agency that has demonstrable expertise in a variety of marketing pillars is a must.

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3) What level of commitment is your company seeking?

Success is a product of mutual commitment between the agency and your business. In today’s deadline driven business environment, having a firm by your side that can consistently deliver is crucial. Ensure that the agency knows your needs, deadlines, financial constraints and is willing to commit to them.

4) How should campaign results be measured and reported?

Marketing is a field that can deliver tangible evidence of success in a variety ways. Implementing measurements is extremely important to ensure goals are aligned and success is delivered. Be sure to ask any agency partner how they build in and report back on the results of the different tactics executed on your behalf.

5) Is the personality of the agency compatible with your own?

Personal relationships are very similar to business relationships. You create relationships with those who you enjoy and can work with. Your business will be spending a great deal of time working with your marketing firm. As a result, it’s important that the agency shares similar values to you and conducts business in a way that you are comfortable with and respect.

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6) Does the history of the marketing firm indicate a good fit with your organization?

A great indicator of future success, is the past. Examine whether the agency has a sound reputation within your business community. Investigate whether the agency has been successful with companies similar to your own. More specifically, the agency should have experience overcoming the challenges your business is faced with. A strong agency should be able to provide case studies or examples of tangible success.


Stewart Moffatt


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