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Social Media

Not that long ago brands were promoted solely through traditional media, word of mouth and websites.

Social media has taken the smouldering embers of word of mouth and thrown gasoline on the fire. It burns bright, it burns hot and can burn out of control.

Today, brand is what people say about you. With tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, clients and prospects have simple platforms through which they can heap praise or disdain upon your brand.

It is not just about posting promotions and deals, nor is it about blasting company news.

It is about creating a level of engagement on a different level with your target community and building your circle of influence to introduce new prospects to your business. It is about having real conversations in real time with your audience. It is about “right now”.

Few do it, fewer still do it well. Sherpa can help you create and maintain engagement in Social Media.
Some clients we've helped with Social Media