Brent Fisher

Brent Fisher

Junior Graphic Designer
Brent Fisher

Brent’s interest in design began in High School, where his unique school allowed him to explore his passions through internships and student-led projects. By the end of his four years, he was well-versed in the Adobe Suite, wrote and illustrated three comic books, been trained in public speaking by Toastmasters, and had numerous experiences in the Art and Design communities. Shortly after Graduation, he was accepted into the Red River College Graphic Design program.

Throughout college, he honed his graphic design skills, and developed a love for branding, interactive design, typography, and vector illustration. His interests in constructivism and 1960s design is often reflected in his work’s meticulous details and bold colours. Brent is defined by his readiness to explore and learn new skills. From comic books, creating a prototype spacesuit, hand-making pocket notebooks, puppet making, etching glass, if you name it, he’s tried it. He continued to sharpen his skills in the Graphic Design Advanced program, which he graduated from in 2019 and was hired by Sherpa soon after.

Outside of Sherpa, Brent can often be found watching David Lynch films, listening to vinyl, or scouting Kijiji for obscure tech.


Red River College - Graphic Design


Retro Technology
Comic Books
Experimental Music
Science Fiction
“So Bad, They’re Good” Movies


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