Daniel Harrison

Daniel Harrison

3D Artist / Animator
Daniel Harrison

From a very young age, Daniel has had an interest in many different types of art, but finally found his passion in the world of 3D. Through rigorous professional training, he has become an invested and diligent 3D artist.

Daniel is constantly looking for new ways to enhance his skill set. He regularly adapts to new situations and opportunities by researching unique artistic styles and software. Over the past years, he has tested and proved his adaptability by having hands in a broad variety of industries, ranging from VR game development, to animation and VFX in film.

Being driven to experience all he can, Daniel is ready to take his skills and bring new interactive experiences to others through Augmented Reality at Sherpa.

In his time off, Daniel can be found canoeing, camping, or casually playing games.


Red River College, Digital Media Design, Class of 2016

Red River College, 3D Computer Graphics, Class of 2017



Environment Design






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