Jason Gruetzmacher

Jason Gruetzmacher

Senior Data Analyst
Jason Gruetzmacher
Jason has been building, designing, and managing technology-based solutions for more than 20 years, and brings a rare combination of tech and business smarts to Sherpa’s Business Intelligence team. Being a math whiz – and Sherpa’s database and Tableau/Spotfire expert – doesn’t hurt either.

With an insatiable interest in discovering new technologies with an eye always towards how they can be leveraged in combination of or as a replacement to current technology, Jason is a key piece in helping Sherpa improve processes internally as well as pointing our clients to newer and better things. 


University of Waterloo, B. Math (Hons.), Business Administration/Information Systems.


  • Plays soccer
  • Loves live music of any genre
  • Avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction
  • Award winning video game author


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