Jeffrey D. Smith

Jeffrey D. Smith

Digital Specialist
Jeffrey D. Smith

Jeffrey joined Sherpa in 2000, at the time bringing with him nearly a decade of experience in pre-press and expert colour. Back In the days of film and 3M Matchprints, he honed his Photoshop and colour skills while ‘fixing files’ and helping produce outstanding printed materials for companies like Subaru, Bauer, Labatt’s and BASF.

It was a natural progression when we made Jeff responsible for our Digital Colour and Variable Data printing. He has overseen the output of millions of impressions and continues to make sure that every job exceeds our clients expectations in turnaround time and quality.

Jeffrey graduated with a honours degree in Fine Arts majoring in portrait painting (with minors in Computer Graphics and Photography). Years of work at IBM taught him a corporate culture, only to be rewired by the less formal culture of Sherpa Marketing. A lifetime around computers has turned Jeff into a Tech geek, with a love for all things electronic and cool.

RGD, Registered Graphic Designer
CGD, Certified Graphic Designer, Society of Graphic Designers of Canada​


BFA, University of Waterloo, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Google Certifications:
AdWords Search
AdWords Mobile
AdWords Video
AdWords Display
Adwords Shopping
Google Analytics


Snooker (Billiards)


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