Liz Zinger

Liz Zinger

Junior Web Developer
Liz Zinger
After a decade of travel and work in the service industry, Liz set about change. Having grown up with an Internet Applications Specialist and technology aficionado father, following in his footsteps seemed all but inevitable, and Liz went back to school as a mature student to pursue the field of IT.

Liz is a recent graduate with distinction from the Computer Programmer/Analyst program at Conestoga College, enjoys a good challenge, problem solving, and teamwork. Liz is equally passionate about continued learning of new technologies, and making websites function at their highest capable output, all-the-while maintaining the designer’s original vision.


Conestoga College, Computer Programmer/Analyst Advanced Diploma
Class of 2016


Spending time with my daughter
Live music and music in general
Lead singer of a band
Movie Buff (love Marvel/DC movies Star Wars Fantasy movies)
Avidly watch series’ like Game of Thrones Jessica Jones Walking Dead