What it means to be a good corporate citizen has progressed at Sherpa Marketing over the years.

For many companies it’s a bake sale, swinging a hammer or paying to wear denim on Fridays. At Sherpa we started our philanthropic efforts by donating in-kind with our time and skills - to help local charities promote their events through traditional design and print and/or through the timely creation of websites.

Over time our company grew and we encouraged and facilitated (and still do) staff in the giving of their time and expertise to charitable causes during work hours. A number of our employees sit on charitable boards and committees. Staff may choose a cause that they want to support and we encourage them to be active participants. It’s important to Sherpa that we make real contributions with our time. We don’t just talk in committee, we deliver action.

This hands-on approach enabled a significant amount of hands-on experience. This active participation provided Sherpa with a skill set that’s well earned.

Today, Sherpa participates, as it did in the past, philanthropically, but - we also became a trusted advisor and partner to several high profile charities. We committed to understanding the sector and dedicated ourselves to being a leader in rapid deployment of integrated sustained giving and capital campaigns.

We believe social good should be part of your businesses core beliefs and strive every day to be a steward of knowledge and insight for non-profits.

over the years we have supported and / or continue to support the following organizations: