The Reluctant Marketer: The Perspective of an Accounting Clerk on a Marketing Agency

The Reluctant Marketer: The Perspective of an Accounting Clerk on a Marketing Agency

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August 9 2018
Big Ideas

My Humble Marketing Beginnings

When I attended university for Business Administration, I was vehemently against marketing courses. The only marketing content I experienced was in the MANDATORY first-year introductory business courses. And where do I work now? Ironic, I know.

Like many people, I did not consider (i.e. understand) the dynamic nature of marketing. I am a fairly “black and white” person, I do not like to deal in shades of grey and forget about colours! I like structure, I am procedure-oriented obsessed and prefer concrete answers rather than “choose the best answer.” (By whose standards?! Gah!!)

In my mind, marketing was too chaotic, too uncertain and, well, too creative. I was afraid of the unknown.

So, how could a once Science turned Business major ever like “artsy fartsy” Marketing? Insert Sherpa Marketing.


Why I Like Marketing…Now

I work with a wide-range of people; we are about as diverse a working group as I’ve experienced in my career. But there’s a common thread woven throughout: they like marketing and their enthusiasm for it is contagious. 

Little by little, I began to learn their acronyms: AR is Augmented Reality (not Accounts Receivable), PPC is Pay-per-Click (not a typing error for PPV or Pay-per-View) and the list goes on.

As my enthusiasm and understanding of the “language” grew, I finally started to piece together everything that was going on around me. It may seem chaotic, and believe me it is at times, but it is a controlled, methodical chaos. There is research, plans, processes, drafts, quality assurance (round after round after round), reports, deadlines, ongoing communication, teamwork. Well, you get the idea.

My assumptions (and you know what they say about those) caused me to misjudge marketing. With that came the startling realization that, not only had I misjudged marketing, but I had actually come to - dare I say - love it.

Marketing is more than creativity and artistry. It is a well-rounded representation of business and operates much like a machine; all parts need to be in working order or the system falls apart.

Accounting plays an integral part of marketing, it is more than invoices and bills. It is timely, accurate financial reporting so that Account Managers and the leadership team can make informed decisions and stay ahead of marketing trends. It is budgeting so that we ensure the BEST delivery of products and services our clients wanted while staying within their financial means and the agreed upon price. It is also managing cash flow so that we can continue to employ the right people and create a strong network of vendors to facilitate all our purchasing, shipping and media needs.

My “official” role at Sherpa may be Accounting Clerk but I also dabble in marketing - like outreach (i.e. SEO or Search Engine Optimization), content marketing (i.e. this blog post or my guest spot on our HGTV video) or editing internal and external work. I have found that my accounting background is rather helpful in these projects that I participate in.

Bottom line: marketing isn’t such a scary place for us logical, black-and-white thinkers. In fact, it offers the best of both worlds, and nothing could make me happier.




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