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Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine the value of 24 pictures per second.

Most urbanites have consumption devices connected to high speed internet services that are capable of streaming high definition video. One only need to look at the meteoric rise of Netflix or the number of views of the latest viral video on YouTube to understand the value of internet video.

High quality video streaming services like Vimeo and YouTube broke down the barriers of network TV and broadcasting. Increasing processing power and falling hardware/software prices put studio quality capture and production in the hands of many – including Sherpa.

Timely, engaging and relevant content can be created and delivered quickly - and in easily digested snippets that are more likely to be viewed and generate high recall than a page full of text.

Your website is like your very own TV Station, Sherpa creates the content that gets you viewers.
Some clients we've helped with Video Production