Voice Search and the Continued Surge of the Smart Speaker

Voice Search and the Continued Surge of the Smart Speaker

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July 7 2020
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We recently heard that about 30 per cent of searches will be done without a screen by 2021. So, we dove further into the proliferation of the smart speaker and the importance of voice search to see where things may be headed to close out 2020.

Here's the current situation: According to Statista, 31 per cent of U.S. households own smart speakers with virtual assistants. Furthermore, a recent study from our friends at Adobe estimates that 48 per cent of users use voice for “general web searches.” This makes sense considering that virtual assistants are now natively integrated with nearly all personal devices, such as smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Currently, about 44 per cent of users use voice search technology every day. According to Growcode, 11 per cent of U.S. consumers who own smart speakers use them to buy products. These numbers are expected to grow as natural language processing technology continues to improve, users become more comfortable interacting with artificial intelligence (AI), and COVID-19 regulations keep people at home for longer and more often.

Amazon Alexa smart speaker

The Senior Vice-President of the Amazon Alexa unit recently told GeekWire the organization has seen “a huge increase in the use of voice in the home” during quarantine. According to the e-commerce giant, customers asking Alexa cooking-related questions was up more in April than Thanksgiving week of 2019.

A study from voice technology agency Voxly Digital found that products like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are increasingly becoming an important part of family life, in turn, making them “more significant for brands,” who are deepening their ties with those types of voice assistants. PYMNTS is also predicting that making purchases through smart devices is likely to increase as consumers start to prefer contactless payments to increase their safety.

It won’t be long until you’ll be refilling your medical prescriptions through your smart speaker.

Anthem Skill recently started offering their members assistance from the Alexa app as a way to help them refill prescriptions and ask questions about balances in their health savings accounts, among other tasks.


Want to learn more? Here’s a great “at work” listen on Voice Search and the Future of SEO from Hubspot: https://www.hubspot.com/podcasts/skill-up/s01/e07-voice-search-future-seo

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