What Online Shoppers Want – Infographic

A good deal, reward points, personalization, free shipping, ease of use, special offers. In a world where offers and options are endless, what do online shoppers truly want in their customer journey?

While each target market is unique in what they look for, Yieldify conducted research to find the truth about customer journeys.

There seems to be significant gaps between different age groups throughout the study. For example, 66 percent of millennials are happy to share their data in order to receive a more personalized experience, compared to 50 percent of other consumers who would not trade their personal data.

In terms of what drives purchases, unsurprisingly, consumers care most about price. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have the lowest price. It simply means that the customer needs to feel like there’s value in what you’re offering.

On the contrary, if you make the customer feel like they’re getting the best price, but then they see a massive shipping charge at checkout – it’s likely that they’ll abandon the cart. The best way to prevent this situation is to be transparent about the shipping cost and policies throughout the journey.

Moving along, let's jump into Yieldify’s infographic and see what online shoppers are looking for!



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