What's the Biggest Obstacle When Starting a Business?

We asked our founder Marty what the biggest obstacle with starting Sherpa Marketing was, Here's what he had to say:

When he started Sherpa Marketing he was a young father of 4:

"It was terrifying because you need that security and income coming in. The notional lack of sales and need to provide for my family was certainly the greatest barrier to entry. How I overcame that was to actually have my Sherpa job from 8am-4pm, and then from there I went over to a company called Classteel where I did profile flame cutting from 4pm until midnight. My main hustle was Sherpa, and my side hustle was working for Classteel so I could provide for my family. Then eventually Sherpa grew to the point where I could sustain my needs to provide for my family. So that's it, money is always the biggest obstacle."


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