Why 91% of Content Gets 0 Traffic from Google

There are 1.8 Million new pages created every 24 hours, and only 9% of those new pages will receive at least 1 organic view from Google search. How depressing is that? Putting all that work into a great content piece and receiving no traffic. Thankfully, a recent study by Ahrefs has helped us to understand why this is and how we can avoid being a part of that lonely 91%.


So, why is it that 91% of these pages don’t get any traffic from organic Google search?

Reason 1: Page doesn’t have any backlinks

Known as one of the top 3 Google ranking factors, it is no surprise that having no backlinks is reason number one; 85% of websites have 3 backlinks or less.


Reason 2: Topic without enough search traffic potential

Sometime pages will have tons of backlinks but still get zero traffic from Google. According to Ahrefs research, many of these sites with tons of backlinks went overboard with “shady link building” and got penalized by Google. They also weren’t targeting a topic that people are searching for.


If you’re looking to go more in depth, head on over to Ahrefs and see the full study!



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