Why Your Business Needs to be on YouTube

Why Your Business Needs to be on YouTube

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April 11 2014
Big Ideas
Author: Michael McCaffrey

While it's not necessarily true that every business needs to be on YouTube, there are several reasons that you shouldn’t ignore this popular social media channel.

1.     1. YouTube gets better engagement than other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter (source: Shareaholic). What does that mean? It means that someone clicking through to your site from YouTube is likely to visit more pages, stay on the site longer, and is less likely to “bounce”, ultimately leading to a higher conversion rate (whatever that may be for your business).


2.     2. A lot of people might not know that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine (next to Google). YouTube is also unique because most of the content its algorithms are set to pick up would likely not show up on other search engines.

3.     3. YouTube is owned by Google. With Google continuing to dominate search engine use, taking advantage of all of its sisters (YouTube, Google+, Extensions, etc.) is likely to continue to impact SEO more and more.

4.     4. Video is engaging! Having a YouTube strategy implies you will be creating video content for your business. This gives you the opportunity to have fresh video content on your website which is great for keeping your website visitors interested.

5.     5. Video content is easier than ever to create. Most smartphones can take decent video. For a couple hundred dollars you can set up a video studio in your home or office with a microphone (necessary), some lighting, background drape (optional), and even a camera. Stats for “guerilla” videos are just as impressive as stats for professionally produced videos, so your content doesn’t have to be perfect.


So get on board and think about how you can use video to enhance your brand… and do it sooner rather than later! Give us a call and we’d be happy to talk about how your business could use video.

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