NexusBioAg has partnered with Sherpa for many years, specifically the biologicals business. BioAg’s campaign, Results Focused, touched customers and prospects through digital, print and radio marketing channels and used Sherpa’s expertise in design, programming, digital marketing, and media planning.

Inspired by the clarity a visual aid like a magnifying glass can provide, NexusBioAg’s creative brought even the tiniest organic details to life. This highlighted how NexusBioAg products target a crop’s nutrient needs, making it Biologicals worthy of a closer inspection.


As a tactic to drive trust, loyalty, and engagement within the larger campaign, a social media project called “Get to know your reps” was launched, which introduced NexusBioAg territory reps to the growers in their area. The Twitter promotion included short videos where the reps were asked various questions about their jobs and themselves. With the rep’s time restraints, Sherpa wrote, filmed, and produced 11 made-for-social videos with a one-day turnaround.

As with most social promotions, Sherpa aimed to get as many eyeballs on the videos as possible. These were reported through impressions and video views, but also in increases to website traffic for the ‘Locate a Rep’ landing pages.

Using the boundaries of each Rep’s territories and FSA (postal code) data, Sherpa setup an area for each rep where their video would be promoted. We wrote and managed the corresponding social posts and promoted campaigns to reach the objectives of the campaign.


The Results

Over the month-long campaign, the videos garnered over 245,000 impressions and 115,000 video views. The number of video completions (watched 100% of the video) was over 2,500. As a key conversion indicator, an outstanding 1,470 users clicked to find their representative on the website, which was the main goal of the social campaign. Safe to say the campaign “Get to know your reps” was a success!

  1. 247,352 Impressions
  2. 116,552 Video Views*
  3. 2,596 Video Completions**
  4. 1,470 clicks to view the rep pages

Video views only count when your video is watched in 50% view for 2 seconds or more, or when a user clicks to expand/unmute your video.
**The number of people who watched 100% of the video, regardless of how much of the video player is in view.

The Sherpa team have been instrumental in supporting the development of the NexusBioAg’s (formerly Monsanto BioAg/Acceleron BioAg ) marketing strategy and subsequently the execution of all the supporting marketing tactics for the last 3.5 years. Sherpa successfully positioned our brand as the market leading, premium solution for broad acre biologicals. Through their tenure as our Agency of Record, Sherpa has helped guide us to be the market share leader in our category. Sherpa has a team with a deep bench of very talented designers, content creators, programmers, account managers and an in-house multi-media team. Their ability to maintain agility and speed is second to none, and I would recommend to anyone that they consider Sherpa Marketing for a digital strategy that works.
- Daniel Samphir Marketing Director | Univar Solutions

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