NexusBioAg launches BioniQ and TagTeam BioniQ Inoculants

Launching new inoculant products in a competitive Ag landscape 

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Who is NexusBioAg 

NexusBioAg provides crop nutrition solutions to Canadian growers through a portfolio that includes industry leading inoculants, micronutrients, nitrogen stabilizers, and foliar products. For years, NexusBioAg has been helping Canadian growers and retailers run their businesses more efficiently and anticipate, navigate, and leverage meaningful growth opportunities.   

NexusBioAg is a leader in innovation for the Agriculture market and already had 8 inoculants in their portfolio. These two new inoculants were set to be their premium inoculants and were to be launched to the market in Fall 2020.  


Product Launch amid Pandemic  

Launching two new products to the market during a time where Covid-19 restrictions limited the number of in-person interactions. The restrictions meant there were no tradeshows, limited crop tours, and a reduction in growers going to retailers; which meant that big “splashy” in-person product launch events were off the table. Educating the distribution chain (retailers) on the new products and providing awareness to growers had to be done completely without any face-to-face interaction. Adding to the problem was the one product is used on cereal and canola crops, where traditionally the majority of growers did not apply an inoculant.    

Client worked with Sherpa and a 3rd party company to gather meaningful customer data and discovered valuable insights that would be applied to the launch campaign 


The Execution   

We developed a well-rounded campaign that   was focused on digital marketing and virtual outreach, while including elements of traditional media (print/radio). A strong digital campaign was paramount to the success of the campaign with tradeshows, crop tours, and in-person events being cancelled. Usually, in-person Ag Industry events provide the opportunity to drive awareness of new products and get product information into the hands of retailers and growers. Since this was not possible to do in-person, the campaign had to drive both product awareness and generate website visits among growers. Email campaigns and launch meetings were setup to educate retailers and retailer product launch kits were sent to all meeting participants.    

The Creative    

Sherpa carried out the theme of the two BioniQ products with building creative that took on aesthetics and copy writing from the popular 70s TV series The Six Million Dollar Man and its spinoff, The Bionic Woman. Using key phrases from the show's intro, Stronger... Better... Faster became the campaign theme, with "We have the technology" as a supporting subhead. Early computer graphics and sounds supported this message along with a heartbeat display a running man and woman.   

An Added Naming Challenge

To add to the challenge of launching two new products during a pandemic, the new inoculant names had to align with the other inoculants in the client’s portfolio but also had to have the ability to be a stand-alone product line. The creative had to be unique among the competitors and all the other ag products targeting growers. The messaging had to educate the grower of the benefits and elevate these products as premium inoculants vs the competitors inoculants.  


The campaign revolved around four videos that were launched in a particular sequence and ran at different points of the campaign. The videos each played a role in the overarching digital strategy and the different stages of awareness. Ranging from building and creating interest, to detailed product information these videos targeted growers in their moments of intent.    

stronger faster better
TagTeam BioniQ

The Results     

Nearly 30 creative assets were created for this campaign to accommodate the extensive digital campaign. Ranging from videos, Twitter cards, emails, a landing page, product pages, web banners and header.

9312 video completions over four product videos in a span of 12 weeks

The initial Hype video that ran for 3 weeks saw 2753 Video Completions, 1333 Link Clicks for a cost per click of $0.46. With an average CPC for four videos during the entire 12-week campaign of $0.90. 

The content strategy also included two short, 12 second videos highlighting the yield advantage of each product. These ran on Twitter for the last three weeks of the campaign, parallel to the product videos and yielded 33,514 impressions and 6,369 video completions. 
Sherpa.McKim was named a finalist for the Best of CAMA 2021 Awards for the Product Launch category for the BioniQ and TagTeam BioniQ product launch.       


AR experience results: the campaign ran from
Feb 4th – Mar 30th,2021

81 unique interactions

3:40 avg time in AR
experience (based off 325 page views)

132 total interactions

50.26% bounce rate


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