Value Partners Investments

Sherpa worked with Value Partners Investments to develop, test, and execute a lead generation program that cut to the chase.

Leads for the financial services industry are often generated by client recommendations and word-of-mouth. Value Partners Investments (VPI) was seeking potential clients with investible assets of $1 million and over, so Sherpa developed, tested, and executed a one-of-a-kind advertising and marketing campaign with the goal of generating ten new leads over a four-week period. This unique campaign strategy and process not only generated targeted leads but was designed in such a way that it could be easily and successfully repeated “out of the box,” allowing VPI to continue targeting and accessing quality clients into the future.

Facebook Ad 1
Facebook Ad 1B
Facebook Ad 1C
Facebook Ad 2A
Facebook Ad 2B
Facebook Ad 2C
Examples of ads that were tested over the course of the four-week campaign

The Lead Generation Campaign

Using demography, geography, and education, Sherpa developed the precise profile of VPI’s ideal client. From there, we used a math model to specifically target that ideal client on Facebook and LinkedIn through an ad campaign. The message of the campaign asked the target to think about one of the most important financial planning tools: wills. Prospects were invited to sign up for a will assessment. The goal was to target high-quality potential clients who would later be invited to an exclusive event focused on wills and succession planning, led by a well-known author and family business succession-planning expert.

Developing and Testing Ad Creative

Sherpa developed the ad creative and tested and adjusted multiple versions throughout the campaign — including nine ads and three landing pages. The client profiles and math model were used to set goals to establish the daily ad spend on each platform.

Facebook Ad 3A
Facebook Ad 3B
Facebook Ad 3C
Facebook Ad 3D
The best-performing ad for VPI’s Lead Generation Campaign

Tracking Leads and Producing Marketing Materials

Sherpa tracked and shared daily lead reports with VPI, who vetted them and chose those potential clients to be invited to the exclusive event. Sherpa designed and produced high-quality invitations, as well as the variety of literature used at the event itself, including name tags, giveaways, and an attendee survey. After the event, we produced and delivered an event playbook so that VPI could reproduce this Lead Generation campaign in the future.

Playbook mockup

The Results

VPI asked Sherpa to generate ten leads for potential high-quality clients who would attend the exclusive event held on wills and succession planning. A client profile was developed with the use of demography, geography, and education in order to hone in on VPI’s target client — one with investible assets of $1 million or more. Over the course of the four-week campaign, we developed, tested, and adjusted ad creative and generated a total of twenty leads that met the parameters of the ideal client. VPI’s team then vetted those leads and invited nineteen net new clients to the wills and succession planning event.

Developing a marketing and advertising campaign is a unique approach to client acquisition in the financial planning industry. Looking ‘outside the box’ proved successful! By not only creating a detailed, research-based client profile for VPI but also producing a Lead Generation campaign playbook, they’re now able to repeat this proven campaign any time in the future, knowing that they can get in touch with their target client efficiently and effectively.

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