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Marketing isn’t quite as simple for a business-to-business (B2B) company as it is for a company that markets directly to consumers (B2C). Instead of having to appeal to one specific person, your marketing strategy and tactics often must resound with an entire team of decision makers.

With over 50-years of experience in their industry, Western Global’s Petroleum Equipment wanted to secure their position within that vertical as the leading authority and e-commerce source for fuel and fluid handling equipment in Canada.

That meant positioning Western Global as the first-place potential buyers—who are investigating petroleum dispensing equipment—want to visit. They knew to have their customers take that step to contact them or make a purchase, their website needed to be found through search, to be visually appealing, robust, responsive, and thorough.



Images speak much louder than words. In discussion with stakeholders, Sherpa designed Petroleum Equipment’s look and feel, making the brand more modern, appealing and engaging for their target audience. Understanding the objectives of the website and branding elements was the first step to developing a coherent and impactful brand both on and offline.

From their logo to custom images, Sherpa brought the ‘Wow’ to Petroleum Equipment’s digital storefront.

Website pages

Programming and Digital Marketing

Petroleumequipment.ca is proof that web design and development must encompass more than just making your site look pretty.

Implementing responsive design, Sherpa’s programmers made the site adapt to the user’s device. Mobile accounts for than 50 percent of all web traffic and is increasing; as our analytics showed, Petroleum Equipment’s visitors were no different.

With a large suite of products that cover handling of lubrication oil, grease, diesel, gasoline or DEF; Sherpa needed to integrate Western Global’s variety of products including pump kits, hose reels, meters, filters, and more, into a fast and convenient online source.

Launched in January 2018, www.petroleumequipment.ca was a brand-new e-commerce website with no Search Engine Rank Placement (SERP) rankings on targeted keywords and had minimal web traffic.

With a minimal digital ad budget, Sherpa approached the challenge by supplementing the spend with SEM growth using keyword bidding through Google Ads. We also knew that due to the limited ad spend the website would need to be built with a focus on SEO for e-commerce, as an increase in organic search results were necessary for reaching sales objectives.

On-Site SEO tactics performed:

  • Product page keyword and topic optimization in the copy and descriptions
  • Alt Tags
  • Page Hierarchy, Titles, and Structure
  • Image optimization
  • URL Selection


Off-Site tactics performed:

  • Creating backlinks
  • Claiming NAP (Name, Address, Phone) Properties/Citations
  • Employee outreach strategy


The Results

By partnering with Sherpa, Western Global created the ideal customer web experience and an interface that enhanced the customer experience. Their website has become THE distribution platform for petroleum dispensing system products in Canada.

As the primary marketing tool and destination for growing Petroleum Equipment’s footprint in Canada, the site’s SERP rankings and ROI continue to climb. With these elevated branding elements and a simple, effective user-experience—based on research complete with Google Analytics and the expertise of Sherpa’s programming team—Western Global now aims to bring this approach to all of North America.


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