Yeti's Baseball Club Announces 2016 Season

After a successful (depending on how you define success) 2015 season, the Yetis Baseball Club is back! The Yetis are excited to release some stress by swingin’ the LUMMBAHHH!!!

Sherpa Marketing is happy to announce its sponsorship of the 2016 Yetis Baseball Club. The Yetis will be playing out of Little Mountain Sportsplex in the 7&3 SUMMER COED league from APR25-AUG21.

The Yetis upper management team made some major off-season moves and are excited to announce that the following Sherpas are on the 2016 roster:

Stewart “Big Tree Fall Hard” Moffatt. He doesn’t “beat around the bush”, even if he’s chasing a ball.

Marty “The Difference” Fisher. We love his hustle more than his ligaments.

Kristofer “Jingling” Salfert. He never takes his car keys off, even if he’s rounding the bases.

Myles “IPAs > RBIs” Barr. He’s better with a buzz on.

Jeffrey “Woody” Smith. He thinks a wooden bat works better than aluminium.

Jaime “Here for the Beer” Campbell: She brings the intangibles (and the chirps) to the plate!

Dan “Brains over Brawn” Nicholson. It’s a good thing his in-game analytics reports go deeper than his fly balls.

Ask a Sherpa when they play next and we would be happy to buy you a beer at one of our games. If you’re feeling dangerous, ask the Yetis to scrimmage against your team!



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