Marty Fisher Marty Fisher
Marty Fisher
Chris Riehl Chris Riehl
Chris Riehl
Director of User Experience
Jeff Bridges Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges
Senior Application Developer
Sharon Knutson Sharon Knutson
Sharon Knutson
Chief Operating Officer
Jaime Campbell Jaime Campbell
Jaime Campbell
Studio Director
Eric Leenders Eric Leenders
Eric Leenders
Senior Application Developer
Robert Janzic Robert Janzic
Robert Janzic
Senior Business Analyst
Katie Schuster Katie Schuster
Katie Schuster
Senior Graphic Designer
Mike Brown Mike Brown
Mike Brown
Digital Marketing Strategist
Brian Dusselier Brian Dusselier
Brian Dusselier
Creative Account Manager
Mathew Carvalho Mathew Carvalho
Mathew Carvalho
Brand Journalist
Andrew Baulin Andrew Baulin
Andrew Baulin
Account Manager
Cristian Ibanez Cristian Ibanez
Cristian Ibanez
Senior Front End Developer
Deanna Westbrook Deanna Westbrook
Deanna Westbrook
Senior Account Manager
Boris Ibanez Boris Ibanez
Boris Ibanez
XR Developer
Michael McCaffrey Michael McCaffrey
Michael McCaffrey
Digital Marketing Consultant
Myles Barr Myles Barr
Myles Barr
Director of Digital Marketing
Glenn Cressman Glenn Cressman
Glenn Cressman
Chief Client Officer
Alex Shao Alex Shao
Alex Shao
Junior Outbound Specialist
Natalia Ferrari Natalia Ferrari
Natalia Ferrari
Paid Marketing Specialist
Leanna Turchet Leanna Turchet
Leanna Turchet
Junior Account Manager
Elizabeth McDonald Elizabeth McDonald
Elizabeth McDonald
Maternity Leave
Alison Ireland Alison Ireland
Alison Ireland
Demand Generation Specialist
Alina Oliinyk Alina Oliinyk
Alina Oliinyk
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Tim Horm Tim Horm
Tim Horm
Account Manager
Jenny Tran Jenny Tran
Jenny Tran
Account Coordinator
Justin Unrau Justin Unrau
Justin Unrau
Graphic Designer
James Pham James Pham
James Pham
Junior Outbound Specialist
Jennifer Fabrik Jennifer Fabrik
Jennifer Fabrik
Senior Strategist
Colton Toews Colton Toews
Colton Toews
Jr. Copywriter
Sergiy Volotovskyy Sergiy Volotovskyy
Sergiy Volotovskyy
Jr. Copywriter

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