Sherpa’s design team provided a completely revamped look that stayed true to the bright and cheerful Cambrian brand, all while providing a vastly improved User Experience.

The improved UI (User Interface) focuses on minimizing the number of clicks on the path to desired content. The result, is a state of the art, industry leading website, that leapfrogs Cambrian past other credit unions.

This result is in no small part due to Cambrian’s determination to avoid being another “me too” financial services company. It all started with choosing a partner like Sherpa that could work with the development platform while delivering best in class design and CSS programming.

With more than 50% of internet activity coming from mobile devices,

the website was programmed to be fully responsive for desktop, mobile and tablet users. It delivers a UI optimized to the user’s device.


Some added functionalities include various state of the art calculators. There are four different calculator options, the Mortgage Affordability Calculator, Loan Payment Calculator, Loan Consolidation Calculator and the Compound Interest Calculator. This allows for better accessibility to banking assets right at the customer’s fingertips.

Financial Literacy

One of Cambrian’s core values is a commitment to provide education (in an understandable way) to its prospects and members. This led to the addition of a financial literacy section which includes advice on investing, borrowing and banking all written by Cambrian employees.

Sherpa’s programmers played an integral role in the development process, working tirelessly alongside Cambrian’s IT department to understand the customer’s needs and desires. Our developers integrated an online banking software to the database which will ensure that rates data is updated live.

In the end, Sherpa helped deliver a robust, reliable and redundant solution that meets the needs of Cambrian’s users and of Cambrian itself.

Sherpa Marketing would like to thank the Cambrian marketing and IT departments for their continued support and assistance throughout the process of developing this website.

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Website Design & UI Cambrian Credit Union Website
Project Description Sherpa Marketing is excited to announce the launch of a new website for Cambrian Credit Union. Established in 1959, Cambrian Credit Union has since grown to over 60,000 members, making it one of the largest credit unions serving the Winnipeg and Selkirk marketplaces.