We developed creative to promote the hashtag #TweetTheTruck, which called on people to take a photo of the truck when they saw it and tweet it out with the hashtag in order to win a Fitbit. The contest was targeted on Twitter to appear in the feeds of people located near the truck locations. The trucks became even more famous as people would not only recognize it, but actively seek it to enter the contest.


DEKALB was excited by the way the truck wraps had evolved to become a boon for their social media audience, which they are always trying to strengthen. People not only took away a fun and exciting experience while taking part in the contest—they also organically spread the message about DEKALB’s straight cut canola and Xtend soybean products. The excitement around the trucks seemed to have significantly boosted the brand’s image in these geographic areas and online.

Social Media #TweetTheTruck
Project Description

As part of an awareness campaign for DEKALB’s straight cut canola seed and Xtend soybean variety, we designed eye-catching truck wraps to promote the products in the precise locations where the growing conditions for the products were just right. This was great to get the attention of growers, who would literally watch the trucks pulling into their driveways next to their fields. However, we saw even more potential for the project as the trucks began to pick up notoriety in these areas. DEKALB signed off on a Twitter campaign that would call even more attention to the truck, and support their social media presence.