Connor Fisher

Connor Fisher

Brand Journalist
Connor Fisher
This summer, Sherpa deviated from its usual practice of hiring students from the Asper School of Business.

This year we opted for a University of Manitoba Aggie. With a significant amount of our business being focused on the agriculture value chain, we wanted someone who understands Agriculture.

Connor has a solid foundation in the agricultural industry. He’s got 3 years of education under his belt from the University of Manitoba where he’s pursuing a career in Agronomy. Agriculture is in his blood. His sister graduated from U of M in Ag Science and is working as a corn researcher.

Over the last three summers, Connor gained valuable experience working three separate Agricultural jobs. These jobs exposed him to Canola Research, Plant Nutrition, Plot Tours and Field Trials.

You can expect to see him applying his creativity flying the Sherpa drone and capturing moments for social media. Follow him on Instagram at @SherpaSummerStudent and on Twitter @Sherpa_intern


University of Manitoba Faculty of Agriculture


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