Dan Nicholson

Dan Nicholson

Digital Marketing Lead
Dan Nicholson

Starting his career during the infancy of social media, Dan has seen a lot of changes to the digital marketing landscape in the past 10 years. While he has plenty of experience in all pillars of digital marketing (SEO, SEM, Social, etc.) he fell in love with Google Analytics and data analysis in the early 2010’s when companies were just starting to talk about it (and CNBC called Data Analyst the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”).

Being in an industry that changes at break-neck speeds, he’s much preferred to stay informed with new changes and apply his knowledge to solving marketing automation problems and educating new employees. Overall, he’s become a “swiss army knife” (Marty’s words) of Digital Marketing and much prefers to play as a support class than lead the charge.

When Dan’s not building spreadsheets or reports, you can likely find him on his front porch with a caffeinated or alcoholic beverage, reading the paper, biking around the neighbourhood, or experiencing one of the cool events, restaurants, or breweries Winnipeg has to offer.


University of Winnipeg,  BSc. - Statistics
Dalhousie University, BSc. - Computer Science
Eastern College - Diploma Multimedia Graphic Design & Development


Video Games


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