Whitney Dencklau

Whitney Dencklau

Project Coordinator
Whitney Dencklau
Whitney has had a meteoric rise within the ranks at Sherpa. Proof that it’s best to hire people who have the “x-factor”.

Whitney’s insatiable curiosity, ability to learn and master new tasks quickly propelled Whitney to her current position as Project Coordinator.

She pairs a great attitude with a constant smile and is willing to take on any task. Whitney is one of Sherpa’s social media content creators and curators.

These days she’s applying her keen organizational skills to the design department. Acting as the liaison between the account and design teams, Whitney is making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Prior to joining Sherpa, Whitney worked in retail management. In her spare time, she also volunteers with The United Way Winnipeg.


Western Michigan University, B.A. Organizational Communication


Live Music
Spending time with family