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Climate FieldView 360° Experience: Using Technology to Showcase Technology

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2,600 tradeshow visitors that went through the experience

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1,000 Climate FieldView signups and downloads of the software

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430 is the amount of times the experience ran

Climate FieldView, is a digital farm management application that is on the cutting-edge of digital agriculture technology. When they approached Sherpa looking for a mind-blowing tradeshow attraction that would introduce farmers to Climate FieldView’s powerful features, we couldn’t say “Let’s do it!” fast enough.

Sherpa knew that showcasing this revolutionary technology takes time and all we had were mere moments at a tradeshow. Using 360-degree filming technology, we created a 4-minute immersive VR-like experience to help farmers understand how the FieldView platform could be used year-round to enhance yield productivity and environmental sustainability on their farms.

Sherpa, created a VR experience without needing to use of VR goggles, the Climate FieldView trailer was outfitted with 12 massive high-definition TV screens and a crisp sound system. Once inside, viewers were treated to a 4-minute video – produced in-house with energetic motion graphics and incredible 360-degree footage of the application in action. Viewers felt like they are in the cab of a combine at harvest, a sprayer at herbicide timing or in a tractor when seeding. They could see in real time how the FieldView software worked.

Fieldview Trailer

An impressive 2,600 tradeshow visitors went through the Climate FieldView Experience at key agriculture tradeshows Ag in Motion (Saskatchewan), Expo Champs (Quebec) and Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (Ontario).

The video was displayed across 12 screens in our air-conditioned, 20-foot trailer, which had an exterior graphics wrap and supporting assets to promote Climate FieldView.


The Results

The digital department ran promoted social media teasers and assets to promote the Climate FieldView Experience, alongside active social media management, to respond to influencers and farmers who shared images and videos online. The experience ran 430 times, resulting in more than 1,000 sign-ups and downloads of the software for farmer trials. The Climate Corporation now takes the Climate FieldView Experience Trailers across Canada for local meetings, crop tours and demonstrations.

  1. Experience ran 430 times
  2. Resulting in 1,000+ Climate FieldView signups and downloads of the software
I have been working with Sherpa Marketing for 10 years. One of the main reasons for the long tenure with Sherpa is that the team at Sherpa invests themselves in your business, which means that they are a partner and not simply a vendor. This relationship style means that problems or issues are better predicted and therefore addressed before they become a challenge and it allows Sherpa to better service the needs of our business efficiently. Sherpa has consistently met deadlines that were targeted; and because of the partner relationship, this allows for quick responses when short notice items arise and need to be addressed—although we do not like to operate that way. Budgets were always discussed and reviewed in advance of agreeing to work and if scope or details changed along the way, Sherpa would inform us of any cost implications as a result. Sherpa understands the agricultural landscape in Canada including many ag sectors more intimately. What I have always appreciated is the Sherpa team’s willingness to learn about an area they are less familiar with so they can better service their clients. I am happy to further discuss my experience with Sherpa if you have any specific questions you would like answered.
- Denise Hockaday Climate Business Lead - Canada

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