Taylor McCaffrey

Sherpa worked with prestigious law firm, Taylor McCaffrey, to overhaul their website in order to not only show off their new brand identity, but create a simple user experience, guiding even more visitors to their expert content and wide range of practice areas.

Taylor McCaffrey needed a website that allowed visitors to access relevant content quickly, while still promoting site exploration and learning. They wanted to eliminate the dreaded website dead-ends in order to keep visitors moving through the site with expertly prioritized content, and at the same time, improve their behind-the-scenes operational workflows. And since Taylor McCaffrey is a well-known, prestigious law firm, they wanted to maintain their high domain authority online. So, they came to us to develop a fully customized WordPress platform that quickly and efficiently takes visitors to the information and legal advice they need.

Website pages

Visitor Analysis

We first analyzed the ways in which people were interacting with Taylor McCaffrey’s website, considering as well those who use the mobile version of the site, so that we could prioritize content accordingly dependent on their means of access. We also zeroed in on four specific target markets: those seeking professional services; those seeking preliminary or advanced knowledge; visitors looking for employment; and other legal professionals looking for new contacts. From here, we could best determine how to develop the website’s user experience and which content from Taylor McCaffrey’s vast library of blog posts and articles to highlight and prioritize.

Content Audit

The next step was to execute a deep audit of Taylor McCaffrey’s website content to determine which was performing best and which pieces could be improved from an SEO and productivity standpoint. This meant finding those gems hidden deep in their current site that were driving website traffic and reorienting them on various pages, including individual lawyers’ profiles, pages that outline the firm’s practice areas, and other high-traffic pages. The goal was to encourage more visitor exploration of the website.

From there, we created an elaborate wireframe and content flow diagram that focused on the established interconnectivity of Taylor McCaffrey’s content. We ensured that content from lawyer profiles, practice areas, news, events, and resources pages could be seamlessly explored from any page by linking relevant articles on each of those pages.

In total, 377 pages were accounted for and organized. We ranked each for importance, ensured search engine optimization was not disrupted, and created page templates that could allow for easy reproduction when new website pages are required in the future.

Workflow Upgrades

Sherpa then worked on updating Taylor McCaffrey’s operational workflows, first creating an integrated a system for online invoice payments. We developed custom CSS and HTML within the third-party software in order to keep the payment system’s look and feel consistent with the rest of the website. We also created an advanced site search and category taxonomy to help visitors find both lawyers and resources quickly through either a homepage widget or when visiting practice area pages. More than just a basic site search, this new advanced site search prioritizes specific content over keyword search volume so that visitors are provided relevant content. This work, in combination with the content audit, created a streamlined, user-friendly experience for website visitors and takes the guesswork out of finding relevant information on this content-rich website.

The Results

Sherpa’s website redevelopment for Taylor McCaffrey not only upgraded the user experience, look, and feel of the site, but moved the firm even higher up in the keyword rankings on Google. Our work lead to 279 high-priority legal keywords ranking in the top five on Google (with 33 moving from top ten to top five); 186 ranking top three (with 26 moving from top five to top three), and 66 ranking first (with 21 moving from top three to first).

With a comprehensive, focused approach, Sherpa helped this top law firm present their vast resources and expertise to their clients, prospects, and other law professionals in a simple and coherent way. Our work in reorganizing and prioritizing website content and back-end workflow not only made Taylor McCaffrey’s online presence more cohesive and user friendly but increased their online rankings and awareness among prospective clients and colleagues.

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